Our Values

Assam Tea Estate Alaya Tea

Our Source: A Voyage to India

We traveled to the far corners of India to find farms that not only produced the most exquisite teas, but were elevating the culture of tea making. Alaya sources from organic and biodynamic farms where tea pickers and workers are treated kindly. Picked fresh and sent in small batches, our loose leaf teas celebrate simple and pure ingredients and free of the typically added flavorings, fragrances, and preservatives. We also work with farms that are growing tea in ways that help retain the soil and combat climate change: planting trees to protect from landslides and runoff; eliminating the use of chemicals; using mulch and covering the soil, and just leaving areas for forestry.

Our Source: A Voyage to India

Our Packaging: Plastic-free

Our goal is to be a zero-waste company -- one that uses packaging that does the least amount of harm to the environment. We offer loose leaf teas because most tea bags are single-use, made with plastic and nylon-based fibers, and contribute to our massive waste problem. We are also proud to use fully compostable and plastic-free packaging, complete with a bio-based zipper closure, compostable labels, compostable ink, water-based adhesive, and even a biodegradable shipping mailer.

Organic and Biodynamic Loose Leaf Tea

Organic, Biodynamic and Loose Leaf 

Alaya uses loose leaf teas because we believe that’s how tea is enjoyed best. Take ten minutes. Put the kettle on. And take a little break. While tea bags can be a convenient and quick option, the vast majority of tea offered in tea bags is not whole leaf tea: it’s the crushed “fanning” left at the end of the process. In the tea industry, “fanning” is referred to the powder that’s often the cheapest version of tea on the market. All Alaya teas and herbals are USDA certified organic and biodynamic, with whole tea leaves to give you the most flavor: two leaves and a bud constitute a tea “leaf” ready for picking.