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  • Baking with Chamomile

    Our best-selling Chamomile tea is back, and we're celebrating by using these whole flowers as a baking accessory during downtime. To incorporate ch...
  • Escape to Darjeeling: a Journey to India's Northeast

    Nestled nearly 7,000 feet high in the foothills of the Himalayas, the district of Darjeeling is India's most iconic tea-growing region. Its delicate and floral tea is a result of the region's terroir: a unique mix of rich soil, lush landscape, microclimate, and high altitude.
  • Introducing: The Alaya Kombucha Kit

    Add to your DIY skills with Alaya's DIY Kombucha Kit. One Kit will produce endless gallons of minimal-waste kombucha to enjoy all year long.
  • Loose Leaf Tea Brew Guide


    Working from home and need a little afternoon or evening break? Take 5 minutes to brew the perfect cup of loose leaf tea with Alaya Tea's At Home Brew Guide.
  • Investing In Soil and the Future of Loose Leaf Tea

    When we first visited the tea growing regions at the base of the Himalayas, we learned about the multitude of challenges facing tea growers in the 21st century: landslides, soil erosion (the wearing away of the most nutrient-rich topsoil) and shifting weather patterns, to name a few. Behind the beautiful scenery, there is a threat of degradation.
  • The Tea Trail: Discovering Tea’s Roots in India

    Darjeeling, the region that is most iconic for tea in India, centers around a small town perched on the side of a mountain at nearly 7,000 feet in altitude, and produces teas that capture the terroir of the region and are prized as the ‘Champagne of tea.’