Introducing Darjeeling Second Flush

Darjeeling Second Flush tea leaves

Darjeeling First Flush’s cousin is Second Flush, the more commonly available variety of Darjeeling Tea. Plucked later in the year, Second Flush tea leaves have had time to develop a stronger, more robust flavor, and thus, more caffeine. This tea holds up well to milk (of choice, we recommend a barista style oat, if you’re looking for a plant-based alternative).

While Darjeeling Second Flush is a wonderful breakfast tea to start the day, or a late afternoon pick-me-up, especially on cooler days, it’s also a unique and flavorful option for iced tea.

We recommend brewing it for five minutes, straining the leaves, and then popping it in the fridge to chill. Add orange slices, and some honey, and you’ve got a unique iced tea for those summer months.

Darjeeling view of Kanchenjunga

Introducing Darjeeling Second Flush

Introducing Darjeeling Second Flush


METHOD: Teapot
QUANTITY: 1 heaped teaspoon
CUPS: 3 cups
BREW TIME: 3 minutes
CAFFEINE QUOTIENT: Approximately 50mg per 8 oz cup


1) Heat 3 cups of filtered water to approximately 175 degrees Farenheit (below boiling temperature)

2) Add 1 teaspoon of Darjeeling Second Flush leaves (approximately 2.5 grams) into teapot. Pour hot water over leaves.

3) Steep for 4-5 minutes, then remove strainer if teapot has one, or use hand held strainer to pour tea into your cup.

4) Add a drop of honey if you wish.

5) For iced version: Add sliced oranges while the tea is still hot, and place in fridge for 2-3 hours to chill tea.

6) Steep again: Darjeeling Second Flush tea can be steeped twice. Steep the second time for approximately 5 minutes.

Darjeeling iced tea with oranges

Try it for yourself: Purchase Darjeeling Second Flush Black Tea here!

Introducing Darjeeling Second Flush    Introducing Darjeeling Second Flush

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