Brew Guide: Darjeeling First Flush Black Tea


Darjeeling First Flush Black Tea leaves being plucked


Nestled nearly 7,000 feet high in the foothills of the Himalayas, the district of Darjeeling is India's most iconic tea-growing region. Its delicate and floral tea is a result of the region's terroir: a unique mix of rich soil, lush landscape, microclimate, and high altitude.

First Flush Darjeeling tea is plucked in the spring, typically from late February to mid-April; these leaves are tender, resulting in a lighter tea. Second Flush Darjeeling tea is harvested from May to early July; these leaves are more robust, producing fuller-bodied tea leaves. In Darjeeling, all tea leaves are plucked by hand still -- no machinery whatsoever. It's a distinction that helps keep alive the tea growing traditions of a bygone era. Less than a 100 tea estates in this corner of India produce the world's supply of Darjeeling tea
The most delicate of our teas, we recommend brewing our First Flush Darjeeling tea without milk, and enjoyed alone or with a drop of honey.

Woman Tea Plucker in Darjeeling, India


Alaya Tea source: A voyage to India. We work with organic and biodynamic farms and estates that not only produce the most exquisite teas, but are also combating climate change in India.


Darjeeling Tea Estate


These tea leaves are floral, fragrant, and celebrated for their unique flavor. So try having it without any milk. Perhaps just a drop or two of honey, if you prefer. We also find it tastes just as lovely chilled or at room temperature. 


Darjeeling Tea handrolled


Darjeeling First Flush Black Tea


METHOD: Teapot
QUANTITY: 1 heaped teaspoon
CUPS: 3 cups
BREW TIME: 3 minutes
CAFFEINE QUOTIENT: Approximately 50mg per 8 oz cup


1) Heat 3 cups of filtered water to approximately 175 degrees 
Fahrenheit (below boiling temperature)

2) Add 1 teaspoon of First Flush leaves (approximately 2.5 grams) into teapot. Pour hot water over leaves.

3) Steep for 3 minutes, then remove strainer if teapot has one, or use hand held strainer to pour tea into your cup.

4) Add a drop of honey if you wish.

5) Steep again: our premium Darjeeling First Flush tea can be steeped twice. Steep the second time for approximately 5 minutes.

Darjeeling First Flush Black Tea brewed

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